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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I own my own land?

A. Yes. NCV homeowners own the land under their residence. (Years ago MIU offered a "land lease" for select lots on its campus. That is not an option in the NCV.)


2. Is it a good place for kids?

A. Absolutely! Included in the NCV's safe and peaceful environment are several small green spaces and pocket parks, as well as our immediate proximity to the Maharishi School, the Fairfield Loop Trail, the MIU pool the Grace Ananda Recreation Center and the Golden Dome Market. Waterworks Park on Bonneville Lake, just a few blocks away, is a great place for swimming and picnicking.

3. Are pets allowed in North Campus Village?

A. Small pets are allowed, subject to covenant restrictions.

4. How effective is the sound insulation?

A. The sound insulation is excellent. The framing of each unit is a stand alone structure. In other words, there is a space between the framing of adjoining units.  The foundation and the roof connect to adjoining units, otherwise there is no structural connection. There is approximately eleven inches of insulated wall between units.

5. Do you have anything for sale that is finished/ready to move into?

A. All of our homes are pre-sold before construction. But we build fast and normally have about 12 units under construction at a time.

6. How much down payment do you require?

A. Usually 20% of the base price is paid, and a prequalification letter from your mortgage lender is required before construction begins.  If construction on your building is more than two months away, then 4% of the base price is sufficient to reserve your unit, with the other 16% due four weeks prior to beginning construction. If your lender offers mortgage loans with less than 20% down, then we will accept whatever down payment your bank agrees to.

7. Can I customize my unit?

A. You can personalize your unit with our selection of options and upgrades.  We are not offering architectural changes. This is one of the factors in our ability to make Vastu affordable.

8. What options and upgrades are available?

A. We offer a choice of eight different hardwood floors as standard for the Living Room/Dining Room/Kitchen. We can also accommodate any of the flooring choices offered by Green Building Supply in Fairfield as an upgrade. Your bedroom floors can be upgraded from the standard carpet to a different carpet (offered by Green Building Supply or Menards) or to any other flooring offered by Green Building Supply. If your unit has stairs, you may choose to upgrade from our standard carpet, to any of the flooring offered for the bedrooms.


You may choose from over 40 laminate kitchen countertops that are standard, or you may upgrade to any of the large variety of countertops offered by Green Building Supply. 


(In the case of the large townhomes, our standard is the Klondike line of quartz countertops available from Green Building Supply. If you wish to upgrade to something else from Green Building Supply, we can accommodate that.)


Our standard kitchen cabinetry is maple with a clear finish. You may choose, as an upgrade, to opt for a different finish on the maple or cabinets with a different wood (hickory, cherry, oak, pine). You may also choose from any of the cabinetry offered by Green Building Supply or Menards as an upgrade.


We recommend a heat recovery ventilator system as an upgrade to the heating and air conditioning system. This is an energy efficient way to bring fresh air into the home.


We offer as an optional upgrade to enclose all of the electrical wiring in the walls inside metal conduit.

9. What does Vastu mean?

A. Maharishi Vastu is a home designed with ancient Vedic principles to promote health, family harmony, peace and abundance. Here is a link for more explanation --

10. Can I walk to the Domes?

A. Yes, and it is an easy walk on beautiful wooded trails.


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