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Doug Bachar

DRB Contracting Inc.

Martin Brett

Vastu Partners LLC

Doug and Martin receiving the 2018 Fairfield Chamber of Commerce Economic Impact Award

Martin Brett, Vastu Partners LLC


Since moving to Fairfield in 1999 so his 5 year old daughter could attend the Maharishi School, Martin has been developing the land, and selling homes in MIU North Campus Village. A meditator since the age of 15, Martin's appreciation for Maharishi's programs have led him to the TM-Sidhi Program, ayurvedic technician training, the Austin Radiance Ideal Village Land Development Company (Devco), and to the Fairfield MIU Community. Martin shepherds the development through the subdivision process and the government grant programs that have contributed to the affordable prices in the NCV, and manages the financing, marketing and sales.   "Building a Maharishi Sthapatya Ved community has changed my life. There is a magic associated with it. The bigger the community gets, the more there seems to be a sense of destiny to it. Not my destiny really, but a sense that the community wants to be built, and if I pay attention, life hands me the tools to do it." 

Doug Bachar, DRB Contracting Inc.


Doug first moved to Fairfield as a teenager to attend Maharishi School, joining an older brother who was already part of the pioneering MIU Community. Drawn to design and construction, Doug moved through various construction positions and got his real training in production building in Philadelphia. After returning to Fairfield in 1996, Doug began framing Maharishi Sthapatya Veda Homes, including the homes in the North Campus Village, eventually partnering with Vastu Partners LLC to design and build the production homes in Phase 5 and 6 of the NCV. His experience in production building efficiency is the foundation of the North Campus Village affordable home prices. Doug confesses that his bedside books and magazines are all about home design, and that in his time off he does more design and more building.   He is a Dewalt tool fanatic, and collects hammers.  While he framed or built over 300 MSV homes in Fairfield, Doug and his wife Deirdre raised three kids.

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