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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

About North Campus Village

Started in 2001, the MIU North Campus Village is now a community of over 150 Maharishi Vastu homes within walking distance of the domes.


Located adjacent to the Jefferson County Loop Trail at the north end of Maharishi International University, North Campus Village is an easy walk to the MIU classrooms, the men's and women's domes, the Maharishi School, the MIU Pool and the Golden Dome Market

The first four phases of construction saw about 60 homes constructed, mostly single family homes. In 2014, the City of Fairfield recognized the need for more housing and introduced incentives for affordably priced multi family housing. With the help of those government incentives, a fifth phase of building began and 57 townhome units were offered and quickly sold out.


In 2018 a sixth phase was started for 60 more townhome units, again with city and state housing incentives. All units have been sold in Phase 6. The expected completion date is November 2023. When Phase 6 is completed, there will be about 180 homes in the North Campus Village.

Click here for a video flyover from last winter.

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"Sthapatya Veda gives dimensions, formulas, and orientations to the buildings that will provide cosmic harmony and support to the individual for his peace, prosperity, and good health. ­Daily life in accord with Natural Law, daily life in the evolutionary direction.” 

— Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 

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